Career in M&A

Virtual fair - March 2024

Why YOU should join the Career in M&A Week

Company Dating
We connect you to your potential future employer.

Interact with firms’ representatives & universities to get your questions answered.

Webinar series
Access to exclusive webinar series where M&A practitioners and scholars introduce themselves and their projects.

This year's exhibitors

What can you expect?

Company Dating

We connect you to your potential future employer.

You as student can apply for free to the company dating. Register on the platform and upload your CV. You will be granted access to the virtual stage, where you can finalize your profile.

The exhibitors will screen for applicants approximately from 13 September and reach out to you if there's a fit. Always keep an eye on your inbox to accept your meeting invitations. The appointments will be handled within the platform.


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Students FAQ

How does the registration process work?

You can already preregister to the event via your email address. You will be kept up-2-date about latest news and information. As soon as the detailed registration is opened you can register for company dating (CV and further information like semster, course of study and experienced gained, etc. ...)

Why do I need to indicate companies I'm particullary interested in / don't want to apply for?

We have a lot of exhibitors participating in the fairs.
If you have a preference for one or more companies, you can indicate these. The companies will see that you favoured them and may screen favorits in more detail.
You can indicate companies you don't want to apply for, the companies won't see that you take part at the career week. 

How does company dating work?

As soon as you finished the detail registration, you need to finalize you profile on the event website - else recruiters won't be able to see you.

2-3 week before event start, recruiters will start the screening process. From there on, you can be invited to company dating. So please have an eye on your inbox within the event platform.

You can accept, decline an appointment and propose a new time for the appointment.

Only recruiters can invite you to meetings, you cannot reach out directly to recruiters.

Until when can I register?

It is possible to register latest until 2-3 weeks in advance to the event.

Is it possible to contact the participating companies?

Yes! You can always contact the participating companies. Please visit the exhibitors profiles and reach out to the given contact details.

Whom can I contact if I have questions?

Feel free to contact the marketing team behind Career in M&A Week anytime via: 

Are there technical requirements?

We suggest to use chrome or firefox as browser to enter the event platform. 
Hint for company dating:

  • Use a Headset, often the sound / microphone is better as the one implemented in your laptop. 
  • Check your background / lighting and camera. 

How can I prepare for Career in M&A Week?

We suggest to already keep you CV up to date.
After the detailed registration is opened (3-4 weeks before event start) you need to finalize your profile on the event platform.
When you have been invited to a company dating there's no need to get nervous. Often the companies use the dating to get to know you better. Nevertheless, to be prepared the best possible way, we recommend to prepare yourself for questions like: "Why do you want to work in the field of M&A / Law?" "Do you already gained experience?"...

What course of studies should I study to apply?

Generally all students are welcome who are interested in working in the field of M&A.
Studying economics with a major on finance is recommended.
But also if you are specified in the field of law, a career in M&A is possible.

What happens if I am in a different time zone than the person I'm talking to in company dating?

The appointment time in your calendar is always the timezone CET/CEST.

Example: Recruiters from Germany (UTC+1) propose an appointment for 11.00 am. You are in Portugal (UTC+2). The time in both calendars will be 11.00 am. If you are in Portugal please enter the meeting at 10.00 am your time.

Solution: You can download the appointments via ical. Within your private calendar, e.g. outlook, the appointment time will adapt to your timezone.

Please also have an eye on your mail inbox. 15 minutes in advance of meetings you will get a reminder mail.

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