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Exhibitor FAQ's

Interest and registration

If I would like to be an exhibitor at the next trade fair, what do I have to do?

We are pleased that you are interested in participating in our event. Don't hesitate to contact us via the contact form below.

When is the deadline for registration?

The registration deadline is expected to be 6 weeks before the event, approximately mid-February 2023. 

When is the deadline to deliver content / documents / images as well as the recruiter profiles.

The latest date for delivery of the above information is 4 weeks prior to the start of the event.

Event platform impressions

What does a company profile look like?

What does the company overview look like?

Company Dating

Do recruiters receive training?

Yes, the recruiters receive training in advance. This is either conducted by the technical team with all recruiters, or runs according to the principle: train-the-trainer. In the second case, we provide detailed training to a company representative. This person can subsequently train the other recruiters internally.

When can recruiters start screening interesting candidates?

Recruiters can start screening interesting participants about 2-3 weeks before the event.

What is the process of company dating?

Recruiters can search for suitable applicants using specific criteria. The contact is made exclusively by the recruiter.
Recruiters can invite interesting candidates to a video call (15 min - 1 hour) within the event platform.
Prerequisite is that both parties have agreed to the appointment.

Can there be multiple participants from the company side on the call?

Yes, two people from the company can participate in the interview. For example, a representative from HR and a representative from the specialist department.

May interesting participants also be contacted after the trade fair?

If you have already had contact with interesting applicants during the trade fair and, in the best case, have already carried out a company dating, you may, of course, continue to maintain this contact.

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